Abel Miranda is a unique tattoo artist with his own style

Especially since the moment in which tattooing began to be perceived as an art, there are many professionals who have stood out for different reasons, and among them, we find a Spaniard with a lot to say is none other than Abel Miranda, a tattoo artist. unique with his own style that he has called Avantgarde, which offers a completely different perspective where the perfect symbiosis between the canvas and the tattoo is achieved.


Abel Miranda and his search for a different form of expression


Since his beginnings in the world of tattooing, Abel Miranda has always been clear that he needed to find a different form of expression, which would allow him to give a special life to his creations.

This made him worry about acquiring knowledge and training in different subjects, including not only artistic subjects but also those that would allow him to create these adaptations in a personalized way to each body, which led him to investigate the morphology of the human body, and its characteristics. and of course, he also focused a good part of his learning on the importance of movement.

The objective was to create a type of tattoo that adapts to the body like a glove, to the point that it does not lose its shape regardless of the body’s posture and whether or not it is in motion, thus allowing complete adaptation thanks to the which can create infinite points of view and maintain at all times the close dance between the tattoo and the muscle.


The creative process and the importance of the environment for Miranda


Abel Miranda considers that everything in his environment is part of the creative process, that is, it is the starting point from which the evolution of the work is generated, so it is very important to capture this process in order to create a combination between the two energies that will be part of it, that is, the tattoo artist and the tattooed person.

The creative process starts from chaos, so to design the final work it is important to reorganize all the information to create the final design.

On the other hand, this environment must be free of influences that push the tattooed person to maintain a behavioral role that does not match their true personality, and it is very necessary for the client to feel completely free and express their nature. without fear and without elements that can alter it.

Large format tattoos with natural and tailored strokes


For Abel Miranda, the best way to express his artistic perspective is through large format tattoos, inspired by the way paint reflects naturally on the canvas.

To achieve that naturalness of the line, simulating even drops and splashes, each work is first represented on fabric, so that it can then be transferred to the skin in the same way that artisans and tailors work in their workshop to create the designs. which will later be presented to the public.

Abel Miranda and his study of the movement and shapes of the canvas

It is very important to achieve complete adaptation to the body, regardless of movement and position, and the objective is to create a tailored suit for each body, a completely personalized and unique job.

In his technique he combines geometric shapes with organic and natural shapes that help improve expression, designing curves totally inspired by nature itself.