Does the companion have a positive or negative influence on choosing the tattoo?

When we are going to get a tattoo, especially if we are first-timers, it is quite common that we want to be accompanied by a family member, a friend, or a close person, but the truth is that this is not as recommended as we can imagine. On this occasion, we are going to try to assess the positive or negative influence of the companion when we are going to get a tattoo.


The companion to create a safe and calm environment


When we already have experience, and above all, when we have managed to develop trust in a tattoo studio or in a specific tattoo artist, we do not feel the need to be accompanied when they are going to do a job for us.

However, when we are new to the world of tattooing or even many times if we have already had tattoos but we have had a bad experience or we are directly going to try a different tattoo shop, many people prefer to be accompanied by someone they trust.

This is because this known person instills tranquility and a feeling of security, something that can be very beneficial especially if it is a typical tattoo, something that is small or fundamentally aesthetic.

However, the companion may not always be a positive influence when it comes to getting a tattoo, and this is due to the specific role that we maintain in front of this person.


The need to maintain the role with our companion and its effect on the tattoo


We live in a society in which we interact with different people, and each of them has qualities and particularities that are different from the others.

This means that our relationship with different groups of people can vary, maintaining a specific role that is the result of the human being’s ability to adapt to their environment.

A good example of this is the role we maintain with our parents, which will be different from the one we have with our co-workers, and this in turn is also different with respect to the behavior that we are going to experience when we are with a group of friends. having some beers.

The same thing happens when it comes to getting a tattoo and getting a simple tattoo without much depth is not the same as looking for a tattoo that represents our interior, our true personality, and our feelings.

A different environment, calm and separated from influences to create a design according to the reality of the tattooed person’s desire.

When we go to a studio or contact a professional tattoo artist in search of an exclusive and very personal tattoo, the best thing we can do is maintain fluid and direct communication with the tattoo artist, moving away from the behavioral patterns to which we surrender. throughout the day depending on the person we meet.

At that moment, it is imperative that there is only communication between the tattoo artist and the client, since in this way the transmission of ideas is achieved that allows the tattoo artist to better understand the real person, that is, detect the true personality without There are limits due to the need to hide feelings or ideas that we do not want the accompanying person to know.

It must be taken into account that some renowned tattoo artists, such as Abel Miranda, seek in their work to express what the person transmits but without revealing the details, which means that once the work has been completed, it is up to free interpretation of the viewer, with which the tattooed person has achieved that expression they were looking for but without the need to influence it based on the different environments in which they develop their life.

In essence, the companion can have a positive influence as long as it is a work that does not seek to delve into the depths of the person, but if what is intended is to create a work of art that truly transmits and reflects what there is. inside us, then the companion can become a negative influence, so it is advisable to maintain exclusive contact with the tattoo artist, thus avoiding having to adopt a certain role during the design process.