Abel's own style.

Abel Miranda is the creator of a dynamic style, which is capable of mixing brush strokes and traces of paint that are spilled with geometric lines.

Their compositions usually cover large areas of the body and adapt to the anatomy of the person to be tattooed perfectly, reinforcing the natural lines of the body and creating new structures in it.

The designs of this incredible tattoo artist are created distilling the idea and the feelings of the person who will wear it, and are translated into the plastic language of Abel Miranda, in order to express in depth what the client feels, and make the most of the creativity of one of the artists who created the Avantgarde style.

In addition, the composition is built together on the skin of the person who will wear it so that both are part of the process.

Latest works

Avantgarde miranda.

A fusion of dotwork, psychedelic colors, geometry and abstract patterns are the essence that define Avantgarde Mirandaturning compositions into an explosion on the skin.

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