Abel Miranda and his avant-garde style, a refreshing perspective on beauty

Abel Miranda is one of those tattoo artists who offer a refreshing perspective on the art of tattooing, opening new doors and configurations thanks to his avantgarde style, with which he manages to create amazing representations that allow the redesign of the tattooed body and achieve an almost supernatural to the shapes and movement that allow, regardless of the posture, the tattoo not to lose any of its beauty.


The body and the tattoo, a perfect symbiosis


The objective in each of Abel Miranda’s works is to achieve the perfect symbiosis between the body and the tattoo, with the particularity that the human body can assume different postures as well as be at rest or in motion depending on the activity that is being carried out. doing.

This means that the study of design is not merely centered on the drawing, but that it is the drawing itself that has to be created in such a way that it accompanies the canvas at all times, maintaining its beauty at all times.

Achieving this perfect symbiosis is truly complicated, and requires knowledge of human anatomy and its movement, a great deal of experience, and, above all, a spectacular dimensional capacity to understand each stroke and perform it in such a way that it reaches perfection.

It is necessary to highlight the particularity that the same line would not work on two different bodies, so the Abel Miranda avantgarde style tattoo has to be done exclusively for each person and each body.


Abel Miranda creates the avantgarde style, a revolutionary perspective on body tattooing


The objective of Abel Miranda’s avantgarde style is precisely to create a completely revolutionary perspective on body tattooing as we know it, creating a new step in the history of tattooing that helps him reinforce his artistic perspective.

Miranda’s works seek the creation of new, more suggestive forms and always with a marked dynamism, giving rise to unexpected designs that manage to fully adapt to the personality of the tattooed person and what he wants to convey, as well as that of Abel himself.

This is precisely what makes their tattoos so personal and exclusive so that we will never see two identical tattoos, but rather each one of them is created as a unique piece, making its wearer proud to always carry with them a work of art unrepeatable art.

The adaptation of Abel Miranda’s tattoo to body movement


According to Abel Miranda, the tattoo cannot be an element that deforms in those moments in which we sit, raise an arm, run if we are lying down, acquire a certain posture, or carry out some activity, but rather it must have the capacity to follow the body and achieve a perfect adaptation to each part, each muscle and each curve, thus allowing them to continue maintaining their characteristics from infinite points of view.

The tattoo must dance with the muscle, enhance the natural shapes of the canvas, and at the same time redesign your body, without forgetting that it will also tell a story and express an important part of the interior of both the artist and the tattooed person.

In short, Abel Miranda’s objective, through his avant-garde style, is to create a new perspective on beauty, making tattoos transcend significantly and reach artistic and spiritual levels, always with a natural approach, trying to create a work on the skin that would be the one with which the body would be born naturally if it could look into the future and understand how our personality and our ideals will develop.