Tattoo collectors

More and more people are signing up to be part of what we could consider the most intense and cultural moment of tattoo expansion, to the point that today there are already what is known as tattoo collectors, a concept that is becoming increasingly common. increasingly widespread and that presents some very interesting peculiarities as we will assess below.


When the first tattoo becomes the first step


The history of the tattoo goes back many centuries, being a cultural element that has been part of a multitude of cultures throughout the planet and the history of man.

This has allowed a very extensive development of the tattoo concept, while it has created a multitude of branches from each culture that has maintained it, giving rise to all kinds of meanings and expressions that began by identifying social classes until they have It has now become a recognized artistic expression.

The tattoo has gone from being something with a negative connotation to becoming a very varied form of expression and adapted to all kinds of ideas, beliefs, feelings, and ideals.

As with virtually everything around us, the love of an art form always begins with a first step, which is often timid and slowly approaches with dubious confidence.


When that artistic element catches us, suddenly that attraction changes, it becomes stronger and at the same time also more demanding, something that has precisely been what has allowed the development of technique and technology in the field of tattooing and has given rise to the appearance of great tattoo artists with a unique style such as George Burchett-Davis, known for tattooing royalty between the 19th and 20th centuries, Horiyoshi III in his search to change the bad reputation of Japanese tattooing and transmit humility, or Abel Miranda, the creator of the Avantgarde tattoo style.

All of this has allowed tattooing to be enriched to such an extent that some people become tattoo addicts, giving rise to what is known as tattoo collectors.


Tattoo collectors and expression


When interest in tattoos goes from mere whim to admiration, that is when the journey of what is popularly known as tattoo collectors begins.

This person understands the tattoo as an essential form of expression, and not only with the objective of transmitting to those who observe but also of reminding themselves of their origins, ideas, and even important moments in their own history.


In this way, each work acquires a higher significance, giving rise to a new creation that is not only exclusive but also completely personal between the tattoo artist and the tattooed person.

When the time comes when the tattooed person’s canvas is complete, he often does not hesitate to eliminate old tattoos that have been relegated to take advantage of those areas and create new forms of expression more updated to their new stage.


The change of thought and the adaptation of the canvas


We must keep in mind that with the passage of time, we change aspects related to our ideas, feelings, and thoughts.

Although as a general rule, we maintain a specific line, it is normal that what we thought in the past or even supported at the time, has now become something foreign to us.

In these cases, it is best to take the opportunity to leave the old days behind and create tattoos as more current forms of expression based on our new criteria and ways of thinking, although often, the tattoo collector also wants to maintain in the new works a small reflection of that past that, after all, is an important part of its history.