The search for body redesign by Abel Miranda

Abel Miranda is, without a doubt, one of the most representative tattoo artists today, both nationally and internationally, and one of the reasons is his concern and personalization of each job, seeking at all times to redesign the body to create a perfect representation. at all times and without deformation, regardless of the posture or movement of the tattooed person.


Abel Miranda highlights the skin as the best canvas to tell your story


In most cases, when a person decides to get a tattoo, they most often do so for two reasons:

  • Print an aesthetically beautiful design on the skin.
  • Represent something relevant in their lives.

This often means that the person who wants to get a tattoo goes with a fairly clear idea of ​​the design or of the feelings, ideals, or any other form of expression that they want to see represented on their skin.

However, Abel Miranda goes one step further, and the objective is not to choose a standard tattoo to represent an idea that in the end is repeated on many canvases and loses its originality and strength, but what is important is to reach the deepest, most real and natural aspect of the person who is going to be tattooed to give rise to a creation that will be unique and exclusive, since it will represent only what that soul feels.

That is one of the reasons why, for example, Abel Miranda enjoys working in different places, away from the office and the areas that both he and the tattooed person usually frequent, and even temporarily away from the people who are usually in the area. our environment.

Thanks to this, he manages to completely disconnect from the need to fulfill a specific role, giving rise to the liberation of the soul and the true personality, which is where the project has to be inspired.

For Abel Miranda, we all live surrounded and influenced by a society that presents itself in different ways depending on the group or person we encounter, with which we acquire a role with our parents that will be different from the one we have with our partner. with the colleagues we work with, our bosses or superiors, and of course also with the friends with whom we have a beer.

All of this influences different ways our personality and the way we express ourselves, causing a kind of scab to emerge in us that allows us to fully adapt to the environment, but on the contrary, prevents our real self from coming to light. light.

This is what is achieved by breaking with the schemes or with the need to continue maintaining those roles, that the person who is going to be tattooed separates all that shell to let their true spirit come out.

The importance of creating new ways to redesign the body through tattooing


In addition to capturing the essence of the person, Miranda also redoubles her efforts when creating new ways through which she manages to redesign the body in an amazing way.

That is, the tattoo will not only function as a mere drawing on the skin but will give it life, and movement and at the same time will allow the viewer to create sensations.

To do this, it works by worrying about the perfect adaptation to each shape and each muscle, with the particularity of taking into account not only the moments in which the tattooed part will remain static but also when it changes position and of course, especially during the motion.

Abel Miranda seeks to ensure that the tattoo accompanies the multiple shapes of the body at all times, thus preventing them from breaking when their shape or position changes.